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In addition to one-to-one supervision, I run two supervision/consultation groups for qualified and experienced therapists to reflect on complex cases through the lenses of GSRD therapy.  These are extremely rich learning environments where the ‘hive mind’ can bring creative, helpful insights from a range of theoretical perspectives, we draw on dynamic, humanistic, systemic and behavioural models and how they might sit alongside a GSRD modality. These groups offer queer lenses to explore your work and to reflect outside of cis-het and mono-normative paradigms.

One of the most exciting things about these groups is that we often have people from different countries with different cultural norms and laws attending the groups.  This is increases our understanding significantly around intersectionality.

We also have people attending different levels of experience and training in different modalities as we can all learn from each other.  Even recently qualified therapists often come with significant lived experience and cultural knowledge. This is all extremely helpful, and the ‘hive mind’ effect of helping us all learn more from each other is an excellent resource.

If you don’t have time to commit to one of Pink Therapy’s ongoing courses but want to increase your cultural sensitivity and competence across a wide range of different LGBTQIA+ groups and identities, then consider joining one of these groups - either occasionally or as a regular attender.  It is just £50 for two hours!

We meet online on the 4th Wednesday from 4-6 pm or the 4th Saturday from 9.30-11.30 am. Because these groups are limited to a maximum of ten therapists, places must be booked in advance.  
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Ongoing Clinical

With the right ongoing supervisor, clinicians can feel confident in their ability to provide knowledgeable, ethical and culturally responsive care to LGBTQ+ clients.

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Ad hoc supervision can be an important part of working with complex clients, especially where you might lack experience in understanding a particular GSRD client.