One-off consultations

Ad hoc supervision can be an important part of working with complex clients, especially where you might lack experience in understanding a particular GSRD client. It allows you to ask for help and guidance from a more knowledgeable and experienced colleague to provide the best possible care for your client.

Ad hoc supervision can be an informal arrangement between colleagues, or it may be formalised and documented as part of an ethical framework. Either way, it should be supportive rather than evaluative and should facilitate your development as a practitioner.

The kinds of one-off consultations I’m familiar with are when a colleague finds themselves getting stuck in their work with a client and wants to gain some new perspectives.  It may be that they and their supervisor work within a particular theoretical model and they are seeking some alternative insights or perspectives. Having co-edited Therapeutic Perspectives in working with LGB clients back in 2000, I became familiar with the core ideas in a range of different modalities.  Since then, I’ve enjoyed conversations and case presentations from various disciplines.

Another way people seek my help on a one-off basis is to understand atypical sexual practices and to gain advice on how to help their clients.  They may need to process their own reactions to their client's kinks or gain information on how to help their clients engage more safely.  I take a harm-minimisation approach to recreational drug use and a sex-positive and norm-critical approach to sexuality.

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Ongoing Clinical

With the right ongoing supervisor, clinicians can feel confident in their ability to provide knowledgeable, ethical and culturally responsive care to LGBTQ+ clients.

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Consultation and
Supervision Groups

In addition to one-to-one supervision, I run two supervision/consultation groups for qualified and experienced therapists to reflect on complex cases through the lenses of GSRD therapy.